Iliad By Homer | Character Sketch Of Achilles | Iliad Epic Poem

The Iliad By Homer
The Iliad By Homer
Character Map Iliad
Character Map Iliad
  • The epics are all based on some historic events – The Iliad deals with the Trojan War which was a historic event.
  • An epic is a long narrative poem – This feature of an epic is preserved in the Iliad. It was originally written in Greek and has been widely translated into other languages, including English. The original Greek version has about 15700 lines and is divided into twenty – four books (Chapters), each detailing the battles and events of a few weeks in the final year of the Trojan War.
  • A Primary epic begins in the middle of things and usually has flashbacks to show earlier portions of the story – The Iliad, the tale starts after a nearly tenth-year war between the united powers of Greece and the forces to the city of Troy and their allies.
  • An epic starts with an invocation to a divine force or god and Goddess – The Iliad also begins with such an invocation. To effectively narrate this story, the poet seeks the assistance of a muse Goddess. The first line of the Iliad itself goes,  “The Wrath, sing goddess, of Peleus’s son Achilles.”
  • God interfere in the affairs of human beings in their tales in a Primary epic – The Iliad includes a large number of Gods and Goddesses that have an influence on human affairs. God and Goddesses have human children as well, Achilles, for example, is Thetis, the sea nymph’s son.
  • The Setting of epic is vast covering many nations – The Iliad setting is also expansive, encompassing both Greek and Trojan islands.
  • Epic uses the Epic Simple – Epic simile is another important feature of an epic. An epic smile means an open compassion between two different or dissimilar things or objects. Such as – In the Iliad Hector has been compared to a boar and a lion. “He was like a wild – boar or a lion when he turns this way.”
  • Epic must have an epic Hero – In the Iliad, Achilles possesses godlike attributes that surpass human limits. Another hero is Hector, almost similar to Achilles.
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