Indian Civilization And Culture

Indian Civilization and Culture Summary By  Mahatma Gandhi | Indian Civilization By Mahatma Gandhi

Indian Civilization And Culture
Indian Civilization And Culture


            Indian Civilization and Culture is a wonderful piece of writing which is written by a great leader and a Patriotic of India Mahatma Gandhi, full name Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. He is popularly known as Bapu or the Father of The Nation. He was born in Porbandar, Gujrat on 2 October 1869. He was more of a spiritual leader than a politician. He successfully used truth and nonviolence as the chief weapon against British Rule in India and helped India gain Independence from 1915 till 1948, he completely dominated Indian Politics. He is known for his teaching for this teaching of non-violence, brotherhood, equality, and truth.

About Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader in India, known for his enormous achievements and unwavering commitment to social justice. He inspired people across the world to stand against exploitation and fight for freedom and led India to independence through peaceful means. Gandhi was a skilled communicator, using his mastery of the English language to write works of excellence and share his thoughts with the world. His autobiography, “My Experiment with Truth,” remains an important document of his life and philosophy.

Gandhiji On Indian Civilization

            The present extract on Indian Civilization and Culture gives much emphasis on the beauty and the glory of our Indian Civilization and Culture. In this extract, the writers try to compare Indian Civilization and Culture to foreign cultures and Civilizations.

            The Indian Civilization is unparalleled and can not be beaten in the world. The seeds of Indian Civilization shown by our ancestors were deep-rooted. They had developed miraculously in a big tree with many of its branches spread over the heart of India. Rome, Greece, and many other centers of ancient civilization were diminishers or no longer exist in their former glory. Gandhi ji says the human mind is like a restless bird. The more it gets the more it wants. That is why human beings remained unsatisfied. Wealth and Poverty can not be the subject of happiness and sorrow.

            After making a comparison we find that Indian Culture and Civilization are far better and richer than any other Culture and Civilization in the world. Indian Culture is rich and beautiful in many aspects. It is true that the West is ahead of us in terms of discovery and Technology. It is also true that western techniques and technology gave us a lot of things to us. Western civilization has given Literature to the entire world. Mahatma Gandhi was not a hater of westernization. He too admits that we learn so many things from the West. He actually wants to suggest that we should not forget our own culture.

            Mahatma Gandhi also says that learning from the west is not bad but imitating the whole thing from other cultures and civilizations may damage the infinite beauty and glory of our own culture and civilization. The diversity and pluralism of India have their strength and beauty which maintain the perfect peace and harmony among the people of different castes and religions.

            Mahatma Gandhi nicely portrays the seeds of Indian Civilization as shown by our ancestors. Its foundation is so strong and nothing in the world can beat it. Many civilizations in the world were born and lost with the passage of time but Indian Civilization is unaffected and still glittering like pure ornaments. The writer is very upset when he sees the young people, who are completely dependent on the shines of materialists of the west instead of understanding the true beauty of our own culture and Civilization.

            He simply suggests to the people of India that India is a treasure of knowledge and wisdom that need to be understood from its bottom to top.

            Gandhiji compares modern civilization to the past one. He finds that modern civilization is based on materials. He says,

“Modern Civilization is a curse in Europe as also in India.
 War is the direct result of modern civilization.”


            Lastly, Mahatma Gandhi gives a message of living together with harmony and peace. He says that everyone has understood his own responsibility and duty towards his nation and he or she must be true, upright determined, devoted, and honest regarding their duties and responsibilities their duties and responsibilities, then only we can make this nation more glorious and more beautiful.

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